Janice's 37th Birthday!

Crystal, Danielle, Janice, & Tawnya :o)

Chris, Tawnya & Danielle

Danielle, Janice, John & Crystal



Chris & Danielle

Tawnya, Chris & Janice

Tawnya & Randy

Tawnya, Randy & Jay

Janice, Craig & Tawnya

Craig & Danielle

Tawnya & Allen

Allen & Janice

It was Tommy's Birthday too!

Jay, Danielle, Crystal, Tawnya & Chris

Tawnya apologizes for her bra showing half the night!! LOL~
( Ummm....where were my friends who should have told me?? )

Crystal & Todd

Crystal & John

Crystal & Chris

John & Tawnya

John kissing our waitress (she deserved it!)


Sorry about all the chaos at the resteraunt! We are especially sorry about the cab!! (we hope you made it back safely) It was very sweet of you to pay for breakfast!! Thanks so much from all of us! Come back and visit soon! :o)

You are waaaaaaaay sexier than Ben Stiller! :o)

Hope you had a Happy 37th Birthday Janice!

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